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the hiking shoes

If you are looking for a woman's hiking shoe full of possibilities this is the one. It is flexible, waterproof (so far), tough and comfortable. They are pricey, but if walking/hiking is something you spend a lot of time doing then it's worth the investment. The sole is full of grip for those rocky cliff edges and your toes benefit from extra protection with the additional layer of rubber.

Price: £150

Pros: Lightweight, durable, breathable, plenty of protection, waterproof.

Cons: Expensive, need breaking in.

Picture by Salomon

the bag

Aldi has delivered a 25L bag full of personality and intelligence. This can be used as a dry bag as is 100% waterproof! It's ideal for any canoe, camping and hiking trips and has useful elasticated straps on the front to wedge any extra layers if you start to get hot. The bag has an integrated air valve meaning it can even be deflated to reduce the volume so you can cram it in the back of the car.

Price: I think it was £30 but we got it in the sale for £15

Pros: Lightweight, waterproof, comfortably padded straps, can be deflated, multi use, brilliant price whether it is in the sale or not.

Cons: The side pocket is a little too small to fit a drinks bottle, could do with having more than one main compartment.

Picture by Aldi

the action cam

The GoPro 4 Silver. We have the Silver and the Hero both cameras a brilliant. In all honesty I don't think you can go too far wrong with a GoPro. The design and camera quality for sports is second to none. We went with the Silver because we liked the option to see through the back screen to know what angle your cam is shooting. When on a bike trip we don't want to be spending ages fiddling with phones and relying on the app to show us an image so this suited us best.

Price: £200 (when purchased a few years ago).

Pros: Back screen, great image quality, easy to use, lightweight, waterproof, can be used with an app.

Cons: Short battery life, expensive.

Picture by GoPro

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Sevylor Adventure kayak

This kayak is one of our favourite pieces of kit. It's opened our options up to the different types of adventures we can enjoy together and given us lots of fun! For a more detailed product review of the Sevylor, click here.

Price: £230ish as a kit

Pros: Good price, great quality and portable.

Cons: Must be careful where you use it as it is still an inflatable so could get a puncture, pump isn't that good and is a little slow.

Picture by Amazon

aqua marina monster sup

The ultimate all rounder when it comes to paddle boards. This SUP brings both stability and speed to your adventures. It is really awesome! The Aqua Marina range are storming it when it comes to inflatable paddle boards and offer a range of different boards for your needs. We like this one as quite simply it is one of their biggest boards and we thought it would make it easier to learn to SUP with Pepper AND the three of us can fit on it! 

Price: £350ish as a kit

Pros: Good design, easy to use for beginners, great quality and portable.

Cons: When removing the pump it can sometimes leak air so you need to act fast. Expensive as these are the latest trend in water sports.

Picture by Google

Sony A6000

This little gem is brilliant for any adventure. Rather than carrying around some heavy piece of kit, this little fella makes it easier to enjoy the adventure whilst capturing those special moments. This mirrorless camera shoots at 11fps and has 24mp to add to its repertoire. If you want a camera that doesn't compromise on quality but packs a punch in a smaller size, then this is the one.

Price: £350ish second hand

Pros: Really portable, small, lightweight, brilliant quality.

Cons: A little pricey but second hand is cheaper. Sometimes it is a little slow to 'wake up' once turned on.

Picture by Google

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