We love walking around Calke. This is a local one for us and is luckily, right on our door step. It can get quite busy at weekends but if you aren't too far away then hitting this place in the evening can be a real treat. We thoroughly love going for long walks around the park when the visitors and National Trust members have headed home. 

You can go on many routes here if you fancy a walk or you can just bring your picnic basket and pop open a bottle of Prosecco with your strawberries and cream (and of course a pork pie!)

This is the Tramway Trail

It is a great route a pleasant stroll. It is great for dogs and you only encounter sheep every so often meaning your dog can roam free for most of the way. 

Picture courtesy of National Trust

There are many great walks around the park. Another one of our favourites is this 40 minute meander. This is a great, flat, dog friendly walk that takes you through ancient woodland and really shows off Calke's history. Pop it on your 'to walk' list and enjoy.

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