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The Lake District

We have such warm memories of the Lake District. When we went to university in Lancaster we were a a stones throw from mountains and impressive lakes. Each year we love to visit this place and make even more memories.

Over two days we wanted to climb two mountains in preparation for our Three Peak training, so we booked a great dog friendly accommodation with Odette from Airbnb. She made us feel totally comfortable letting the dog wander around and be part of our trip. This grade listed manor is on the Greystoke estate and surrounded by mountains. The history of the place is worth going to see in itself if you want something a bit more fun, adventurous and off the beaten track. It was really affordable too at around £30 a night which makes it a win win for us. Save money and put it towards the next adventure! 


Haystacks Walk (597m)

Duration: 4 hours

Difficulty: Hard (dependent on your fitness level)

Parking: We parked near Gatesgarth carpark…down the road for free CA13 9XA

Cost: £0 

Location: Start point at Gatesgarth, Cumbria

Paws for thought: Go early as it can be crowded, never pay for parking


This was a toughy….it created lots of steps on the Fitbit and certainly gave you ‘the burn’ but it was well worth it. By the end of the day you knew you had earnt a big dinner! As we do in all our adventures our dog, Pepper joined us, but with her being a large dog it was testing at times as some parts of the climb she couldn’t scramble up the big rocks so we had to do a bit of heavy lifting (this was only a couple of times). The scenery and views are spectacular every step of the way so you can always use the excuse when you need a breather… “oh wow shall we just take in the view for a second?” 


We used the walk from the Walking English Man which normally has well detailed photos helping you pinpoint your trip. 



Old Man of Coniston Walk (803m)

Duration: 3 hours 30ish

Difficulty: Hard (dependent on your fitness level)

Parking: At the end of a narrow lane accessed via Station Road in Coniston…Free

Cost: £0 

Location: Start point at Gatesgarth, Cumbria

Paws for thought: Go early as it can be crowded, never pay for parking, make sure to take plenty to drink!


A really visually interesting walk. Lots of different things to take in from glossy green hills, to the craggy mountains to the deep blue tarns. Once you get to the top the views are stunning and you can see for miles making the hike well worth the sweat and swigs of water. 


You can follow an OS Map route of a walk similar to ours here (we sort of made up the way down). 

Scafell Pike Hike (978m)

Duration: 3 hours up and down with a break for a sarnie at the top

Difficulty: Really hard (dependent on your fitness level)

Parking: A painful and unavoidable £7 for the day but it goes to the National Trust 

Cost: £7

Location: Wasdale Head is CA20 1EX

Paws for thought: It is going to be busy so bear that in mind. Take plenty of water and wear well supported shoes as it has very loose rock. Also if visibility is poor it is recommended to have a map and a compass.

What a hike! It was certainly a thigh burner and has made our calves ache for a couple of days but the views at the top are well worth it. Most of the walk feels like you're climbing steps and the loose rock is a real pain. Once at the top it's a great place to crack open a drink, eat your squashed sandwiches and inhale some of the clouds.

You can follow a more detailed version of the walk here.

Check out some of our snaps from the day here.

Happiness is only real when shared - Christopher McCandless

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The Weekend Warriors 2018