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We are Jess and Tim. By day we have normal jobs working as a teacher and an account manager…. But as soon as we finish work we take on new roles…looking for something fun to do or a thrill to seek.We are The Weekend Warriors; people who live for the weekend. We try our best to include our loyal overgrown puppy, Pepper; a Hungarian Vizsla who loves nothing more than being there with us. Whether it be wild swimming in a lake, hiking up a mountain or lying by our feet at a pub after a well earned days exPAWing – she wants to be a part of it.


Before Pepper we have always loved the outdoors and pushed our limits. We have kayaked down white water in Scotland and France, snorkelled with sharks, bungee jumped, biked down mountains (including Snowdon), climbed up mountains (Croagh Patrick being a big favourite), sky dived, wild camped, snowboarded, wild swam, green laned, safari'd, back packed around the world, zip lined, island hopped, rock climbed....then Pepper came and joined us and became part of our journey. 


When choosing which breed of dog to go for, it was vital for us that we picked a dog that suited our lifestyle and worked around us. A Vizsla seemed a great choice as they love to run (great for biking trips), enjoy swimming (in case she falls out the kayak) and are HPR dogs making it more interesting for us in terms of training her. We wanted a dog that was a little different and she certainly is that! She was born in May 2016 and has grown to love what we do. So now when we plan a trip or an adventure we work a way around it fitting the bill for us all to get involved. 

Happiness is only real when shared - Christopher McCandless

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The Weekend Warriors 2018