•  Buy the Land Rover  - check

  • Build the raised bed 

  • Buy/beg/borrow camper gear

  • Assemble to be a useable camper

  • Add a towbar

  • Add roof bars 

So far the plan is simple. Convert the Land Rover to make a bed in the back with storage underneath. We need to think of inventive ways to save on space and to make storage compartments, a bed, shower (not just rely on wild swimming), attach bikes, take kayak and paddle board all on a shoestring within 8 weeks. We want to show you our rights, wrongs, must buys and don't waste your time ons so you can see our landy conversion and hopefully be able to do it too. There are some awesome converted campers out there but we wanted to show you an affordable, creative way of doing the same thing but at a realistic price. Follow our journey and see how we manage to do it and where we source our items from in order to make our little dream a reality. It will be an awesome way to exPAW...

Click to see the first stage in the conversion process

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The Weekend Warriors 2018