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The first stage is to build the bed. We have a few requirements for this as this is no standard conversion. The car needs to go back to it's original state after the holiday so nothing can be a permanent fix. The material we use for the bed needs to flatpack down so we can take it in and out of the back whilst remaining lightweight as we don't want to add to the fuel bill at the end of the trip with an uneccessarily heavy load...Annnnnd one last catch; the build needs to be affordable. We hope with this trip we can break even and sell the car to cover the trip and the build. Hopefully our only expense will be fuel so watch this space.

Current spend on materials: £70

We did a bit of research to source the most suitable wood as we need something strong and fairly lightweight. We decided on plywood in the end and had a massive sheet of it cut to size for the bed top. 

Tim designed the base. He decided the legs should slip into a wooden plank base and be wedged with two blocks of wood for support.That way the legs can slip out should we need to flatpack the bed making it completely collapsable. The legs needed to raise the bed enough off the ground so we could store as much as possible underneath as we will be limited on space.

The plan will be to cut the bed top and add hinges to make it fold open making it easier to access and store things underneath. We didn't want too many legs interfering with storage space so kept our design simple to allow for more room to keep our stove, clothes, cook wear etc.


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The Weekend Warriors 2018