We hate litter. We don't understand why it is in so many places when there are bins in most public areas. The guilt of knowing what does happen to lots of wild animals when you carelessly drop litter is awful. Watching Blue Planet really exposed the dangers of plastic pollution and how much it is increasing over recent years. We have been litter picking in our local community, trying to prevent plastic pollution and whenever we are on a walk if we see litter...we try to pick it up.

"Litter blights our streets, parks and beaches and costs us millions of pounds to clear up every year. Keep Britain Tidy is here to inspire people to eliminate litter now and for future generations.”

We have been supporting our local community on their 'Litter Picking Days' and 'Rubbish Raids' to help stop litter and preserve our beautiful world for generations to come. 

We have our free re-usable litter bag and take it with us to collect any rubbish we see on our travels. If you would like more information then check out this site. You can also get your own free reusable litter bag from Trail Magazine so there is no excuse...GET PICKING!

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