We are new to paddleboarding so we are not experts…but we want to share our experience with you so you can learn from our mistakes. Firstly, we would definitely recommend paddleboarding on your own before embarking on a little venture with your dog. It’s a good idea to get used to the board, how it feels, how to balance your weight, how to use the paddle etc. The rule is sit, kneel then stand. As you gain confidence in what you are doing then you can start to invite your dog to become accustomed to the paddleboard. We initially got Pepper used to walking over the board so started her off by just walking up to it and sitting on it. As she became better at sitting and staying put we braved going out with her. At first she struggled to remain seated the whole time as she was understandably excited, but after a few goes she became used to sitting still helping us keep our balance on the board. Soon we could enjoy SUPping and she learnt to love it too. Pepper now associates this as a treat….she genuinely loves it. We watched this video which we found really useful before we went out and gave it a go so it is worth having a look.


Paws for thought – so you don’t make the same mistake we did…don’t rush your dog on to the board and make sure to give them plenty of treats. We soon ran out of treats and felt that a pat on the head and a ‘good girl’ comment didn’t always quite cut it. So pack the treats and pile on the praise.  

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The Weekend Warriors 2018