Makes 2 good glasses full

3 ripe bananas

3 tablespoons of peanut butter


A good splash of milk so it isn't too thick

One tablespoon of oats

6 ice cubes 


If you want a good filling breakfast on the go then this smoothie is a great one. Before you scoff at the word 'smoothie' this is delicious, filling and portable...great combinations for an adventure on the road.

We use our Nutri Ninja blender which hasn't let us down yet. You can spend a fortune on different blenders but we like ours as it comes with travel cups in two different sizes making it easy to have breakfast on the move.

First things first, throw those bananas in the blender and don't waste any time chopping them. While you're at it, throw in the top and tailed pear (don't forget the seeds), the three dollops of peanut butter, ice, milk and oats. 

Next blend your drink to the setting recommended by your blender. Ours takes 90 seconds to get to the best smoothness.

Now drink up and enjoy!

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